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I'm a former AT&T central office technician, NOC analyst, and project manager that found himself thrown into a full-time job in the IT arena in 2006, and loves the work, doing everything from managing servers to troubleshooting PCs. I redid the Alcatel-Lucent University Altamonte Springs Training Center's lab network - transforming it into a connected network of about 400 servers and workstations tied in with the lab equipment, and remote access solution providor for company training. The VitalQIP Virtual Classroom is just one of the projects I envisioned, designed, built and maintained while a lab administrator at Alcatel-Lucent in Florida.
Alcatel-Lucent Vital News: Alcatel-Lucent University, Altamonte Springs, Florida campus has enhanced its VitalQIP training to provide an effective and cost reduced learning alternative. The new virtual classroom learning solution allows access to the VitalQIP lab resources from a students' home locations and achieves a learning experience comparable to on-site training. The VitalQIP, DNS, and DHCP remote lab solution contains firewall protected multi-user terminal servers and Windows XP workstations, accessible anyplace/anytime, joined to a Windows domain utilizing a closed subnet. The solution provides Internet connectivity and real-time network view of the laboratory LAN while maintaining isolation from other applications concurrently on the network. The solution promotes students' learning, wherever they are geographically, by putting them in real-world environments - with Internet interactivity and flexibility options second to none.
At AT&T - I wasn't just a tech or manager - I was an ambassador to customer service.
AT&T Today CUSTOMER CARES *** The series on customer cares has stimulated many employees to write of their experiences. Jim Jacobs, a Local Services Specialist with AT&T Growth Markets in Tampa, wrote the following: During the past year, I have had the privilege of interacting on a regular basis with Steve Estrada, one of our switch technicians. Steve is driven by his desire to serve our customers and their needs. No request is too great for him to handle. He has made himself available for cutovers and emergencies 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. He makes certain that any customer or vendor who has a need to contact switch personnel has both his direct telephone number and pager number. Steve also manages to find time to discuss customer problems with sales representatives and project managers. It is my firm belief that without Steve's extraordinary efforts, AT&T Local Service in the Tampa Bay area would not be as successful as it is. This is National Customer Service Week. Even though Steve Estrada's job title does not have the words "customer service" in it, he exemplifies what customer service is all about and deserves recognition for his efforts.

Since leaving Alcatel-Lucent in 2012, I've been a Netapp technical support engineer working for one of their partners, and a technical support engineer for Microsoft Office365 (O365). Maybe my next job will be working for you!

If you can use a highly-skilled, multi-disciplined, conscientious, hard-worker in your organization, check out my resume. I have a long string of accomplishments and experience, am good at problem solving, creating solutions on a zero dollar budget, and bridging the communication gap between technical and non-technical people. I easily handle the stress of network disasters from endless nights restoring central office meltdowns and computer networks as a technician, and learned how to deal with demanding customers from my challenging days as a project manager.

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